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Unistrut Trolley System offers Support to Varying Load Capacities

Unistrut Trolley Image

Unistrut Trolleys provide a better approach to overhead movement for medium, and heavy duty loads up to six hundred (600) pounds. 

Unistrut Trolleys are available in five (5) different Trolley styles (see illustration for style information) with two (2) types of wheel material: stainless steel or acetal (available in some Trolley’s).  Trolleys from Unistrut are equipped with stainless steel wheel bearings to promote smooth, repair-free operation.When the Trolley System is installed (composed of a light to heavy duty Trolley, Unistrut Channel, and Channel Trolley Support), it provides dependable and flexible support in a wide range of applications. And with practical support options like the beam clamps, Trolley System installation is simple.  Feel free to download our Unistrut Trolley Systems brochure in pdf format, or contact Unistrut Service Company for further assistance.Quick Links To Unistrut Trolley Pages: