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Unistrut P2868 Beam Clamp – 1-5/8″ Channel Fitting

Products specifications
Unistrut Metal Framing 1-5/8"

Unistrut P2868 Beam Clamps

Genuine UNISTRUT Brand

Includes: Center Rod, “U” Bolt and Hex Nuts.

For use with P1000, P1100, P2000, P3000, P3300, P3301, P4000, P4001, P4100, and P4101 Channel Strut

Clamps Must Be Used In  Pairs Where Indicated

Unistrut P2868 Beam Clamp – 1-5/8″ Channel

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  • When used for mechanical supports, load capacities of brackets and fittings should be in compliance with the American Standard Code for Pressure Piping.
  • Clamps are designed to be used with W, M, S & HP Shape beams, Standard C & Misc. MC Channels, Angles & Structural Tees.
  • Clamps must be used in pairs where indicated.
  • For beam clamps with HG finish, standard hardware is EG finish.
  • For optional stainless steel hardware, please contact Unistrut Service Company for availability.