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Unistrut P2679 Beam Clamp Swivel Nut- 1-5/8″ Channel Fitting

Unistrut P2679 Beam Clamp Swivel Nuts

Genuine UNISTRUT Brand

Use with P2676 and P2677

Order size as required

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Part No. Price Quantity
P2679-4- Electro Galvanized

Call for pricing

P2679-4- Electro Galvanized -Box of 200 Pieces

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P2679-6- Electro Galvanized
P2679-6- Electro Galvanized - Box of 100 Pieces
P2679-8- Electro Galvanized
P2679-8- Electro Galvanized -Box of 100 Pieces
Tiered Pricing Available

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  • When used for mechanical supports, load capacities of brackets and fittings should be in compliance with the American Standard Code for Pressure Piping.
  • Clamps are designed to be used with W, M, S & HP Shape beams, Standard C & Misc. MC Channels, Angles & Structural Tees.
  • Clamps must be used in pairs where indicated.
  • For beam clamps with HG finish, standard hardware is EG finish.
  • For optional stainless steel hardware, please contact Unistrut Service Company for availability.