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Unistrut MRI Shielding System: P1000SL Channel

A Unistrut Support System for MRI Shielding

A Unistrut Support System for MRI Shielding[/caption]This picture shows a Unistrut support system for MRI shielding that was installed in a Cleveland hospital.  P1000SL was anchored to the concrete deck, and the plywood/steel paneling was anchored to the underside.  The plywood/steel shielding blocks magnetic forces coming from the MRI equipment that might adversely affect the performance of sensitive hospital equipment adjacent to the MRI lab.  Unistrut channel is ideal for hospital settings because the unique design of the slotted P1000SL channel precludes the need for cutting and welding.  Installation is fast, easy, and best of all, clean.  Are you wondering if Unistrut channel is right for your hospital-based construction needs?  Contact Unistrut Service Company of Ohio today for a no-obligation quote.

Installation for Philips Catheterization (Cath) Equipment

Installation for Philips Catheterization (Cath) Equipment

This picture illustrates is an installation for Philips Catheterization (Cath) equipment done for a hospital in Cleveland Ohio.  The overhead support system consists of Wideflange “I” beams, Unistrut P1000, P1001, p248w, and others due to stringent deflection criteria set for by Philips.  The catheterization equipment weighs nearly 3,000 pounds, and the system must deflect less than 1/16" in order to ensure proper imaging results.  Also in the same room were Steris light supports and Steris Boom supports. The Steris Booms were constructed of structural steel.  Unistrut Service Company of Ohio has a proven, 60 plus year track record of installations in catheterization labs just like yours.  We are familiar with the support system requirements for all of the leading manufacturers of hospital-based equipment, including Philips, Steris, and more.  Want to learn more about hospital-based overhead support systems?  Contact Unistrut Service Company to discuss your project today.