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Unistrut Medical Applications: Physical Therapy Swing

Although Unistrut products are common in industrial applications, our framing and support strut and related hardware is equally suitable for commercial and medical applications as well.  Many of the medically related installations completed by Unistrut Service Company of Ohio are support structures for x-ray and CAT scan rooms.  Although medical framing support systems often involve equipment, Unistrut framing strut can support patients too!

A physical therapy swing using Unistrut supports

A physical therapy swing using Unistrut supports

This Unistrut installation shows a swing in a physical therapy wing of a hospital.  The installation above the ceiling tile is unobtrusive, and the swing is safely and securely attached to structural beams overhead using Unistrut P1001, P1000, and P3301 strut.  This installation is rated at over 500 pounds, and required no welding or drilling.  The medically related applications for Unistrut are endless.  To learn more about Unistrut, or to discuss the details of your installation or application, contact the experts at Unistrut Service Company today.