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Unistrut Cush-A-Clamp

Contractors installing pipe, tube, and hose understand excessive vibration, shock, surge, expansion/contraction, and temperature can lead to line failures and costly shut-downs.  This is why it is important to properly secure your pipe, tube, and hose with the right clamp.  For refrigeration, fluid power, mining, power plant, food processing, and HVAC applications where excessive vibration, line surge, and heat considerations are potential concerns, Unistrut Cush-A-Clamp is an ideal choice.

Unistrut Cush-A-Clamp pairs design features that prevent over-tightening and rotation with a thermoplastic elastomer cushion that’s rugged enough to stand up to most oils, chemicals, and industrial cleaning compounds.  During installation, Cush-A-Clamp’s living hinge easily spreads open for ease of installation and interlock edges and channel locator legs ensure the cushion remains in place.  Cush Clamp’s are rated for use in an operating environment with temperatures ranging from -50°F to +275°F.  To learn more about our entire lineup of Unistrut Cushioning and Clamping Products, including Cush-A-Clamp, download our PDF catalog, or visit the Unistrut Cush-A-Clamp section of our website.

Unistrut Cush-A-Clamp

To learn more Cush-A-Clamp, discuss your application, request a quote or place an order, remember we are just a click or a call away.  Our application specialists are standing by to discuss your project and welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific needs."