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Unistrut Channel Buying Guide Available For Download - New Cheat Sheet Explains Hole Patterns, Lengths, and Finishes

Unistrut Framing Channel is manufactured with an impressive array of hole patterns, lengths, and finishes, and although these available options can make life much easier for contractors, GC's, and architects, the breadth of our product offering can create confusion too.  Each week we receive numerous e-mail and phone inquiries from buyers requesting quotes on seemingly simple items such as Unistrut P1000.

These material requests often create some back and forth confirming length, hole or slot pattern, and finish.  All of this information is available on our website as well as via our Downloadable Unistrut Engineering Catalog, but we thought it would be a good idea to put together a simple cheat sheet that explains available options and configurations.  Please note that not all part numbers are available with all of the options shown on our Unistrut Channel Buying Guide, but this handy reference guide gives buyers a place to start.  If you request a configuration that is not available, we can discuss your application and make a material recommendation that will meet your specific needs.  if you are looking for additional technical information on Unistrut products, be sure to visit our PDF Library which holds a wealth of technical data and specifying information designed to help you select the proper Unistrut materials for your next project.  Need additional information, or have further questions?  No problem....remember we are just a click or call away (800-694-9274) and we will gladly take the time to discuss your project!