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Unistrut A4000 Framing- 1-1/4" x 5/8" Channel

  • A4000-Extruded Aluminum -16'

    A4000-Extruded Aluminum -16'

    • Some cutting jobs allow us to use ground shipping rather than LTL, yielding significant freight savings. A customer service associate will contact you to confirm the cut list and shipping and freight costs prior to finalizing your order.
    • eg - 4 cuts per stick x 5ft per section

    Product Specifications

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UNISTRUT A4000 Framing
Unistrut A4000 is a 1-1/4" x 5/8" channel with a 19 ga (.040") wall. It is slightly shorter than the A3300.

1-1/4" x 5/8" channel with a 19 ga (.040") wall. --0.45 lbs/ft.

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Elements of Section - A4000

Area of Section 0.132 in2 (0.9 cm2)
  Axis 1-1 Axis 2-2
Moment of Inertia (I) 0.008 in4 (3.2 cm4) 0.029 in4 (4.3 cm4)
Section Modulus (S) 0.022 in3 (1.7 cm3) 0.046 in3 (2.7 cm3)
Radius of Gyration (r) 0.240 in (1.0 cm ) 0.469 in (1.2 cm )

Raw steel conforms to the following ASTM specifications:

12 GR & HG A1011 SS GR 33
PG A653 GR 33  
14 GR & HG A1011 SS GR 33
PG A653 GR 33  
16 GR & HG A1011 SS GR 33
PG A653 GR 33  
19 GR A1008
  • GR = Perma-Green® III
  • PG = Pre-Galvanized Zinc
  • HG = Hot-Dipped Galvanized