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Telestrut Telescoping Square Tubing

The Telestrut square steel tubing system is designed to allow you to use Unistrut framing channel inside a length of tube as part of a 2-piece telescoping unit. The square steel sections come standard as perforated , 20 foot lengths with shorter, cut-to- length sections available by special order. Telestrut tubing can be specified with the following Unistrut finishes PL (Plain), GR (Perma-Green II) and PG (Pre-Galvanized Zinc.) Two standard sizes are available P9000 is 1 5/8″ square and P9200 is 1 7/8″ square.

In addition to using Telestrut tubing in combination with Unistrut metal framing channel, projects can also be built utilizing the two sizes of Telestrut in a telescoping design. Telestrut post can also be combined with a series of post bases which allow P9000 to fit inside or, alternatively, P9200 to fit over the post base. Attachment rivets allow for hold-in-place connectivity of channel, tube and fittings in combination.


P9000 square tubing is part of the Telestrut product group by Unistrut. Just undersized compared its corresponding telescopic mate, P9200 tubing, P9000 is 1 5/8″ square. To form a telescoping unit, P9000 tubing slides inside P9200 tubing. P9000 is available in 20 foot lengths as a standard size. Perforations are 9/16″ diameter and holes are spaced 1 7/8″ on center. It has 12 gauge nominal thickness.


P9200 perforated square tubing is a component of the Telestrut telescoping product offering by Unistrut. Measuring just slightly larger than P9000, its corresponding telescopic mate, P9200 tubing measures 1 7/8″ square and fits over P9000 tubing. It is also sized so it can accept most Unistrut metal framing channel inside. P9200 comes standard in 20 foot long sections. Perforations are 9/16″ diameter and holes are spaced 1 7/8″ on center. It has 12 gauge nominal thickness.

Base Plates, Fasteners and Accessories (for Telestrut Tubing)

The Telestrut telescoping tubing series of products includes a variety of special fittings and bases. Fittings that come standard to attach 1 5/8″ sections of Telestrut include: flat plate fittings, ninety degree fittings, “Z” and “U” shaped fittings and wing shaped fittings. All allow you to connect sections of P9000 and or P9200 telescopic tubing together. In addition to these fittings, Multi-grip rivets allow for easy connection of fittings to sections. P9011 and P9012 are two standard flat bottom bases which can accept P9200 channel OVER or P9000 INTO the base.

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