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UNISTRUT steel channel

Telescoping Square Tubing – Telespar & Telestrut

We offer 3 variations of telescoping tubing: Telespar, Telestrut and Sign Post square tubing. Each of these feature square, multiple sized, telescoping tubes and has been designed to provide you with design flexibility and maximum savings in time and labor costs to attach sections and or anchor to other structures.


Telespar has multiple tube sizes available in perforated or non-perforated (solid) steel. Standard perforated tubing comes in eight sizes, from 1″ to 2-1/ 2″ square, in 10 and 12 gauge. A complete line of zinc-electroplated fittings, fasteners and accessories allow you to splice, extend, reinforce and anchor Telespar.


Telestrut is a perforated square steel tubing system designed to allow Unistrut framing channel to fit directly inside as a 2-piece telescoping unit. The square steel sections come as standard 20 foot lengths with shorter, cut-to-order available. Telestrut can be specified with the following Unistrut finishes PL (Plain), GR (Perma-Green II) and PG (Pre-Galvanized Zinc.) Two standard sizes are available P9000 is 1 5/8″ square and P9200 is 1 7/8″ square.

Sign Post Tubing

Square, welded steel sign post tubing comes in eight sizes and three gauges. Perforations or knockouts on all four sides allow you to mount signs on all four sides, back-to-back, or on adjacent sides.

Components used in our sign posts permit tubular sections of different sizes to telescope into the next larger size. This makes height adjustment, and sign attachment fast and easy. Unistrut sign support tubing’s square shape also provides superior wind load capabilities and torsional (twisting) stability for outdoor sign postings.

Sign supports constructed of Telespar sections and connection fittings can be replaced more quickly and easily by a one-man crew than any other signpost on the market. Within minutes, one man, working at ground level, can easily replace traffic signs.

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UNISTRUT steel channel

Boltless connection system makes use of a special Telestrut rivet to connect sections with a quick hammer blow.

UNISTRUT steel channel

Using channel with holes as the telescoping member, both incremental and infinite adjustments can be achieved with the same assembly.

UNISTRUT steel channel

Telestrut and Telespar telescoping tubing offers incremental adjustment. Simply loosen the connection, push the bolt down, slide the channel to a new position, and re-tighten.

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