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Tectron Steel Mechanical Tubing

Shapes Sizes Gauge Range
Round 0.500" - 3.000" 10(0.134") - 22(0.028")
Square 0.500" - 2.000" 11(0.120") - 20(0.035")
Rectangle 0.500" x 1.25" - 3.000" x 1.000" 11(0.120") - 20(0.035")
Flat-sided Oval 0.630" x 1.358" - 1.968" x 1.181" 11(0.120") - 20(0.035")
Hex 0.687" 11(0.120") - 20(0.035")

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Unistrut Service Company offers mechanical steel tube in round, square, rectangular, flat-sided oval, and hexagonal profiles. Produced to ASTM A513 specification with precise dimensional tolerances and best-in-class weld integrity and surface condition makes Tectron Mechanical Steel Tubing an ideal fit of for high volume, OEM applications, including:

• Agricultural Equipment
• Aerospace
• Automotive & Recreational Vehicles
• Conveyor and Material Handling
• Furniture
• Lawn and Garden

• Mills configured with weld temperature monitoring for critical weld integrity
• Flash-in, flash rolled or flash cut per application requirements
• Cold rolled, hot rolled, pre-galvanized, or HSLAS base steel
• Available with Qwik-Coat lacquer topcoat, ideal for painting or powder coating
• Critical tolerance requirements per ASTM A513

Value Added Secondary Operations

• Design Engineering and PE Stamp
• Laser & Saw Cutting
• Bending
• Deburring
• Welding
• Kitting & Assembly

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