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Securing Unistrut Channel with Concrete Anchors

"Unistrut Channel is one of the most versatile building materials you’ll find on the market.  Many projects taken on using traditional steel fabrication methods can be completed in a more efficient manner with Unistrut framing channel because you eliminate much of the welding, drilling, and cutting associated with other methods.  That said, a section of Unistrut is not unlike the 2” x 4” lumber a carpenter might use.  You need nails, joist supports, and maybe even some lag bolts to turn your pile of wood into a finished project.  The same rules apply with Unistrut.  In the early stages of the job, the untrained novice sees only the strut.  To turn those bundles of P1000 into a finished structure, you also need channel nuts, fittings, and maybe some concrete anchors too.

Powers Mechanical & Adhesive Anchors

When it comes to straight material sales, our customers typically think of us as the leading supplier of Unistrut Channel, Channel Nuts, pipe and conduit clamps, and hardware.  What you might not know is that we offer a complete line of Powers Mechanical and Adhesive Anchors to secure your Unistrut to concrete, brick, block, and more.  Powers has the largest list of code compliant anchoring products, including the most ICC-ES Reports for mechanical, adhesive, and gas actuated anchoring systems on the market. Cost-effective and engineered for maximum anchoring performance, all Powers Fasteners are designed to meet or exceed the specifications of leading competitors, including Hilti, ITW/Red Head, and Simpson, just to name a few.It is simple human nature to resist change, and we understand many of our customers are used to relying on a certain brand of anchors to secure their Unistrut to concrete.  It is also a fact of life that most of us will try something new if it is easy and convenient.  This is why we prepared a new, interactive PDF that details the entire Powers Anchor line.  In addition to learning more about all of the adhesive and mechanical anchors offered by Powers, our PDF includes a cross-reference table.  So, if you are considering a switch from an anchor like the Hilti Kwik Bolt, the cross reference table identifies the Power-Stud+ SD1 as the comparable anchor in the Powers line.  Earlier, we mentioned that folks are likely to embrace change when it is easy and convenient.  The cross reference column in the PDF covers the easy part of the equation.  Now, think about how convenient it is to ask us to send concrete anchors along with your next channel order.  If you are looking for an easy and convenient way to make the switch to a new anchor line, we have you covered!Unistrut Service Company backs the Powers Anchors product line with competitive pricing, outstanding delivery times, and engineering expertise.  If you require more information or to place an order for Powers Anchors, contact Unistrut Service Company  for further assistance."

Securing Unistrut Channel with Concrete Anchors