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      OSHA-compliant SafePro roof hatch guardrail system guaranteed to last five years.

      Self-closing gate provides two additional ladder rungs for safe roof hatch egress and ingress.
        10-minute simple install with ten bolts and four pieces.
        Gate access options for either the front or side of the roof hatch.
        No risk to roof warranty - does not penetrate the flashing
        5-year warranty
          OSHA / Cal OSHA Compliant
                Standard Roof Hatch Safety Railing Sizes: 30x36 | 36x36 | 30x54 | 48x48 | 30x96

            Contact Us today Product Specifications
            Part No. Price Quantity
            SP3036 Roof Hatch Rails 30 x 36
            SP3636 Roof Hatch Rails 36 x 36
            SP3054 Roof Hatch Rails 30 x 54
            SP4848 Roof Hatch Rails 48 x 48
            SP3096 Roof Hatch Rails 30 x 96
            Tiered Pricing Available

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