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Need Relief From Sore Feet? Try Rockin' Feet Massaging Liquid Orthotic Insoles


If you are like most contractors, you spend the majority of each day on your feet.  Long days on hard surfaces can take a toll on your feet, knees, and back.  We just stumbled upon a new product that can help you say goodbye to sore feet--and some of the aches and pains common amongst folks who make their living working in the trades.

Rockin’ Feet insoles keep your feet cool and comfortable all day long and the thin design of these massaging liquid insoles makes them easy to fit into any size shoe or boot.  Rockin’ Feet insoles are filled with FDA approved glycerin--liquid gel that is forced back and forth inside the insole cavity to provide a soothing massage and all-day comfort.  This massaging action improves tissue elasticity and improves circulation.  You'll feel less tired at the end of the day too. If you've tried insoles before and found they broke down quickly, or worse yet, they created a tight fit in your favorite work boots, we've got great news.  Rockin' Feet are thinner than traditional foam inserts, and because they aren't made from rubber or filled with air, they last significantly longer.  Whether you have high arches, low arches, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, or simply sore, tired feet at the end of each day, these insoles will help you get more done and feel better too. If you or your crew spend large chunks of each day on your feet, pick up a pair of Rockin’ Feet insoles on our Amazon Store Front or contact us for information regarding bulk orders.  Give these new insoles a try–you’ll be glad you did!