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Raised Floor Access Systems

IT professionals rely on raised access floors to provide efficient operation, maintenance, and safe access in a wide range of settings. By running cables, wires, peripheral devices, and computer hardware beneath a raised floor, HVAC components can be utilized to provide proper airflows needed to cool heat sensitive electronic equipment, and tripping hazards associated with above floor wiring are eliminated. Rather using walls to hide wiring for electrical outlets, data ports, and communication jacks, access can be located virtually anywhere in the room using outlet boxes flush-mounted into floor panels, or openings provided in selected floor panels. Raised access floor systems can also be designed to evenly disperse the weight of heavy equipment, and provide electrical grounding to dissipate static electricity that can do damage to sensitive electronic equipment. By removing tiles from the raised access floor, maintenance staff can also repair wiring and equipment with ease.

UNISTRUT steel channel

Raised Access Floor Applications

Raised access floors are often referred to as computer access floors in the industry because they are often found in IT closets and computer room settings. Although a raised access floor is an ideal choice for these types of applications, they actually have many uses, including:

  • Computer / Telecom
  • Equipment Room
  • Data Centers
  • Call Centers
  • Control Room
  • Clean Room
  • Internet Service Providers

Raised Access Floors Are Reusable

A raised access floor system is constructed with reusable tiles, giving your computer room a degree of flexibility that is unmatched. Whether you need to re-configure the room housing your electronic equipment, expand your space, or move it to a new area within your building, a raised access floor is reusable, saving time and money.

  • Advantages of Raised Access Floors
  • Hide Unsightly Wires and Cables
  • Reduce Wiring Costs
  • Create Flexible, Fully Functional Space
  • More Energy Efficient than Ceiling Based HVAC

Contact the Raised Access Floor Specialists

From small IT closets to large data processing centers, we can design and install a computer access floor to make your facility fully functional. Whether you are looking to replace existing floor panels or building a new room from the ground up, we have the raised access floor system and the design and installation experience to suit your specific needs. Ready to learn how a raised access floor can make your maintenance operations more efficient? Contact the raised access floor experts for a quote today!

Raised Floor Access Systems Application Gallery

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    Unistrut and structural steel support system for raised access floor system.

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    Structural steel support system for raised access floor system.

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    Unistrut application for raised access floor system.

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