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Portable Guardrail Contractor’s Kit

Roofing contractors HVAC technicians, electricians, and plumbers working on rooftop surfaces with unprotected leading edges are not just exposed to fall hazards–they are also in violation of OSHA fall protection regulations. If you work on the edge, consider protecting yourself and your employees with the LORGUARD™ PORTABLE GUARDRAIL CONTRACTOR’S KIT. Although guardrail is one of the simplest and easiest to use means of rooftop fall protection, at Diversified Fall Protection, we understand that permanently installed guardrail is not always present at your job sites. This is why we developed the PORTABLE GUARDRAIL CONTRACTOR’S KIT. Each kit contains everything you need to set up a temporary roof guardrail system to keep personnel safe and your business in compliance with OSHA 1910.23 and 1926.502 fall protection regulations. Due to the lightweight, modular nature of our portable guardrail system, you can set up and dismantle the LORGUARD™ system in half the time of competing temporary guardrail systems.


  • (2) 6 Foot Rooftop Guardrail Sections
  • (2) 8 Foot Rooftop Guardrail Sections
  • (2) 10 Foot Rooftop Guardrail Sections
  • (7) Baseplates
  • Instruction Manual
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