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Unistrut Engineering Library

Unistrut PDF Library

Below is a collection of Unistrut product literature available in PDF format.

Please note that in order to view a PDF, you will need a current version of Adobe Reader, which is available for free download here.

Designed System Specification

Below is a reference specification as to how we design systems. It should be helpful for architects looking for 5500 specs for our installed systems.

Designed System Specification (Microsoft Office .Doc)


Unistrut Catalogs

Unistrut Catalogs
Unistrut General Engineering Catalog
Unistrut Applications Showcase Guide
Unistrut Channel Buying Guide / Cheat Sheet
Concrete Inserts
Fiberglass Systems
Rooftop Pipe Supports


Anchoring Systems

Powers Anchoring Systems
Powers Adhesive & Mechanical Anchor Overview & Cross-Reference Guide


Product Flyers

Product Flyers
Rooftop Support Systems
Rooftop Support Systems – Crossovers


Unistrut Submittal Data Sheets:

Below are submittal data sheets for our most popular products. A full list of submittal data sheets can be found at our Submittal Data Sheet Archive.

Most Popular Product Submittal Data Sheets
P1000 Submittal Data Sheet (PDF)
P1000SL Submittal Data Sheet (PDF)
P1000T Submittal Data Sheet (PDF)
P1001 Submittal Data Sheet (PDF)
Rooftop Support Systems – Bases (PDF)
View All Submittal Data Sheets >>

Unistrut Product Literature

Unistrut Products
Missing Link
Roofwalk Rooftop Walkway Installation
Roofwalk Rootop Walkway Brochure
Slot Adapter
Swift Grip
Telespar Telescoping Square Tubing Engineering Catalog / Load Tables
Unistrut Closure Strips for 1-5/8″ Channel
Unistrut United Interlock Grating
Unistrut United Interlock Grating Case Studies

Unistrut United Interlock Grating FAQ


Unistrut Finishes Literature

Unistrut Finishes
Hot Dipped Galvanized
Perma-Green III
Unistrut Defender (HTML)
Unistrut Defender (PDF)


Unistrut Applications Literature

Unistrut Applications
Adjustable Ceiling Grids
Electrical Applications
Medical Support Systems
Seismic Bracing
Seismic Bracing OPA 120 for CBC2001
Trolley Systems
Crossover Rooftop Solutions


Pipe Clamp Loading Technical Data

Pipe Clamp Loading Technical Data
OD Tubing Clamp
P1100 Pipe Clamp


Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
MSDS Notes
Hot-Dipped Galvanized (HG) MSDS
Perma-Green III (GR) MSDS
Plain (PL) MSDS
Pre-Galvanized Zinc (PG) MSDS
Unistrut Defender (DF) Channel MSDS
Unistrut Defender (DF) Fittings and Hardware MSDS



Medical Support Installation Guide Ebook PDF
Medical Support Guide - 8 Key Considerations Ebook PDF