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New Unistrut General Engineering Catalog 17A Now Available

We just updated the most commonly downloaded document in our PDF library—the Unistrut General Engineering Catalog--which is easily identified by the 17A you’ll see on its cover.

Unistrut General Engineering Catalog 17A

Inside, you’ll find 242 pages of product information on Unistrut Metal Framing components, including technical data required by design, specification, and construction professionals.  The most significant updates to Catalog 17A include information on the corrosion resistant Unistrut Defender finish and our new channel slot for 5/8” threaded rod.

If you are looking to conserve shelf space, consider downloading the Unistrut General Engineering Catalog 17A in PDF format, or if you prefer a hard copy version, contact Unistrut Service Company, and we’ll gladly send your print copy in the mail.