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A pre-fabricated, modular, in plant office is a perfect way to balance the need for additional space that is both cost effective and adaptable as your space needs change over time. More and more companies are turning to pre-fabricated, modular, in plant office space thanks to the cost savings when compared with traditional construction methods. Modular in plant office construction can be 30-50% less expensive than comparable space built using traditional construction methods. A modular, pre-fabricated in plant office is ideal for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Break Rooms
  • In Plant Offices
  • QC Rooms,
  • Computer/IT Rooms
  • Lunch Rooms
  • Plant Supervisor Offices
  • Conference Rooms

Tax Benefits of Modular, In Plant Office Construction

A pre-fabricated, in plant office offers tax benefits, often qualifying for accelerated depreciation over 7 years instead of 30 plus years associated with traditional construction methods. In many instances, modular office space is considered an “equipment” purchase, and as a result, pre-fabricated, in plant offices are not considered “improvements” that raise your facilities real estate value or property tax.* Tax situations vary, state by state, so be sure consult a tax specialist about the specific details that apply in your state.

Pre-Fabricated Modular Office Space is Easy

Without the need for an architect, you can select from a standard in plant office solution, or customize your space to fit the specific needs of your manufacturing facility. Best of all, installation of a pre-fabricated in plant office requires no messy drywall sanding, and the disruption of day-to-day operations is minimal. In many cases, your new in plant office can be ready for use within a week’s time.

In Plant Office Is Flexible

Because our in plant offices are built using modular construction methods, changing the space configuration, or moving the entire office is fast and easy. As your needs change over time, an in plant office can be expanded, partitioned, and moved to another location within your manufacturing facility. This flexibility means your in plant office can adapt and change as your business grows!

The Perfect Clean Room Solution

A modular, in plant office is perfect for clean room applications. A pre-fabricated clean room can go up in days rather than weeks, and the wall components provide constant pressure, humidity, temperature, and control of airborne particulate matter. The detachable wall panels feature nonprogressive construction, and offer easy access to clean room electrical and phone wiring, HVAC systems, and plumbing, along with unlimited flexibility to change space configurations and clean room layout as requirements change over time. If maintaining exacting environmental conditions is necessary in your manufacturing environment, a modular, pre-fabricated system presents a viable, cost-effective alternative to conventional construction methods–a solution that will balance cost savings without compromising clean room efficiency.

Contact the Pre-Fabricated In Plant Office and Clean Room Experts

Ready to learn more about the features and benefits of pre-fabricated, modular, in plant office and clean room design? Whether your office and clean room space is an immediate or long term need, we have the design assistance and installation experience needed to solve all of your in plant office space needs. To discuss your in plant office or clean room needs, or to receive a quote, contact us today!

* Tax codes vary, state by state, so be sure consult a tax specialist about the specific details that apply in your area.

In Plant Structures Application Gallery

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    Unlike welded support structures, these heavy duty bracings can be adjusted in the field to ensure a perfect fit.

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    This modular in plant office was constructed in a week and required no interruption of plant production.

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    A clean room constructed using modular panels is easily modified and moved to different plant locations as new space needs require.

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    U Unistrut support system used fora prefabricated modular office.

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    U Unistrut support system.

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    U Unistrut support system prefabricated.

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