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How to Download Unistrut CAD Drawings

One of the questions we receive from contractors, architects and engineers is about the availability of downloadable Unistrut CAD drawings.  We have always felt an obligation to help our customers by providing a rich library of technical information on Unistrut products, and as such, we have offered Unistrut CAD drawings in AutoCAD DWG format and DXF format for some time.  To download our CAD files, follow these simple steps:

First, you’ll need to navigate to our Unistrut CAD File Library section on our website, which is available here.  Please note that these files are quite large, so we have placed them in ZIPPED archives.  The available files are placed in table format and look like this:


Next, you’ll need to select the product group you are interested in.  Make your selection by clicking on the DWG or DXG file extension.  Once this is done, copy the folder to your hard drive, select the ZIP file, and expand the archive using the Windows File... Expand command. This will create a folder or folders containing your CAD drawings.  Before we sign off on this post, here are a few more pointers and disclaimers:

  • Remember, you’ll need to expand the archive before the drawings can be used in your CAD program.
  • Each folder contains a PDF file which is a graphic index to the drawings. Many parts have more than one available view.
  • Use the ICON shown in the PDF file to determine which drawing best suits your needs. The Folder containing that drawing and the name of the drawing is shown with the ICON.  For example, assuming you have selected DWG format, P1028 View 1.dwg and P1028 View 2.dwg are located in the folder General Fittings.

 CAD drawings can be a tremendous help during the design process, so if you have questions about how to download the files, send us a note or contact us at 1-800-694-9274.