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Unistrut Tools & Hardware

Simplify your Unistrut channel installation with the right tools and hardware. Whether you’re looking for threaded rod, bolts, washers, nuts, or concrete anchors, you’ll find the parts you need at Unistrut Service Company. Our hardware is manufactured from mild steel cold rolled coil, and after stamping and machining, parts are case hardened, assuring positive biting action into the inturned edge of the strut channel.

Unistrut offers a complete line of in-stock fittings and fasteners for nearly every application. Channel nuts are available in electrogalvanized, hot-dipped galvanized and plain steel finishes. Other hardware items such as hex nut bolts and washers are electrogalvanized and available in stainless steel.

Contact Unistrut Service Company to request a quote. We also provide design, engineering and assembly support every step of the way.

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Slot Adapter

Slot Adapter


Slot Adapter

Slot Adapter

Steel Coupler Nut

HCRN025- Steel Coupler Nut

HCRN025- Steel Coupler Nut