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Guardrail Rental Program

Fall Protection Equipment Rentals

If you only need safety equipment for a limited time, save money by renting. We can help you select the ideal fall protection equipment rental for your needs, from guardrails to temporary anchor systems and more. 

Roof Guardrails

Roof guardrails are the most commonly used form of passive fall protection based on the ease of use and wide variety of equipment available today. While some fall hazards can’t solely be protected with roof guardrails, in most cases they are the easiest and safest choice.

Roof Guardrails available for rental are Galvanized and 10 feet long. 

Save money by renting! We have an entire fleet of rental options available that are more more cost-effective than buying equipment that you will only use for a limited time.

Most of our clients use our fall protection rentals for a month at a time at a fraction of what they would pay to purchase the equipment. We can deliver the equipment to your site and set it up for you to ensure your employees are protected from falls from the minute they step on the site.

Do you need help deciding which fall protection equipment is right for your site? 

We can help you decide what equipment will be the best application for your situation. All personal fall proteciton systems are designed, engineered and installed to meet or exceed the standards set forth in Federal OSHA Standards for the Construction Industry 1926, Federal OSHA Standards for General Industry 1910, Cal/OSHA Construction Safety Orders, Title 8 (1670), Cal/OSHA General Safety Orders, Title 8 (3210), EM385 (for US Military projects) and ANSI Z359.