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Unistrut Fall Protection Systems

Unistrut Service Company, and our sister company, Diversified Fall Protection, have been designing and installing fall protection systems longer than any other Unistrut regional sales office in the USA. For almost two decades, we have been working together to keep workers safe and to minimize the risks associated with working at heights. Collaborative efforts between the two companies means that whether your fall protection application requires a pre-engineered system constructed from Unistrut materials, or a turnkey solution that is designed, engineered, and fabricated to your fall arrest and fall protection specifications, we have the knowledge and expertise to get the job done right.

UNISTRUT steel channel

Unistrut Service Company and Diversified Fall Protection have installed thousands of fall protection systems in a wide range of industrial, manufacturing, and commercial settings. Our fall protection installations include, but are not limited to:

  • Access Platforms
  • Gangways
  • Elevated Walkways
  • Roof Top Walkway Systems
  • Horizontal Lifeline Systems
  • Vertical Lifeline Systems
  • Single Point Anchors
  • Catwalks
  • Portable Guardrail
  • Permanently Attached Guardrail Systems

Catwalk Fall Protection

Our catwalk systems are designed to offer a cost-effective solution for the conversion of unusable overhead space into efficient overhead maintenance walkway space. As with all of our turnkey fall protection projects, our catwalk systems are designed specifically to meet your specific fall protection requirements and can be planned to accommodate around existing obstructions or site conditions. If desired, additional services such as structural calculations or engineering seals can also be provided.

Guardrail Systems

Installation of guardrails is one of the best ways to minimize injuries from falls. Guardrails and handrails are a passive means of providing a safety barrier between employees and a fall from heights. Unlike fall arrest equipment such as self retracting lifelines (SRL’s), which need to be used properly in order to protect workers from fall hazards, guardrails and handrails take the responsibility away from the workers and ensure that they are protected with proper fall protection equipment 100% of the time.

Vertical Fall Protection

In years past, adding cages to fixed, vertical climbing ladders satisfied federal and state fall protection requirements. Due to new OSHA regulations, this is no longer the case. For these reasons, USCO and DFP now offer permanently installed vertical lifelines to satisfy Federal and State fall protection regulations while allowing workers to keep working after experiencing a fall. Whether your fall protection requirements require a cable based or rail type system, our vertical fall arrest systems will stop a workers fall in under a foot. Each system is installed by certified installers to meet the manufacturer’s specifications and can be easily attach to most fixed ladders.

Gallows and Retractable Boom Style Fall Protection Systems

Some of the most difficult fall hazards to develop systems for are in areas with minimal fall clearances and areas that have no sound overhead structures. Examples include rail yards, aircraft hangars and assembly areas, and other industrial settings where there are no fixed structures to mount horizontal lifelines high enough to protect workers from falls or from hitting equipment as they fall. In order to raise the fall protection system anchor point, a new structure must be added in the form of additional steel, retractable booms, and/or gallows style towers. All of these solutions allow structurally sound attachment points to attach a horizontal lifeline. Knowing which fall protection system is right for your specific application takes experience and a proper understanding of the fall hazards presented in the field.

Roof Top Fall Protection

Roof top maintenance of HVAC and other mechanical equipment also puts maintenance staff at risk. We routinely install skylight guards, guardrails, roof hatch systems, horizontal lifelines, and single point anchors to keep your workers safe from fall hazards. We also design and install roof walk systems to allow for safe access to various points on your roof without damage to built up membranes or standing seam roofs. As with all of our turnkey projects, our roof walk systems are designed specifically to meet customer requirements and can be planned to accommodate around existing roof obstructions or site conditions.

Contact The Fall Protection Experts

Every year, work-related falls result in numerous critical injuries and fatalities. Sadly, most of these injuries and fatalities are preventable with the use of proper fall protection equipment and training. Collaborating with the right team of OSHA-compliant fall protection specialists can help you eliminate job-related falls that result in serious injury or death.

Since 1994, we have provided customers with a complete, turnkey source for fall protection services. Today, you can rely on us to help with products and services including almost every fall arrest, fall restraint system, and personal protective equipment product your company would need. Whatever your requirements are, we have a high quality, cost effective solution. Call us at 800.694.9274 or email us to discuss all of your fall protection needs.

Fall Protection Systems Application Gallery

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    Unistrut fall protection engineered services.

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    Structural Steel Unistrut fall protection support system.

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    Unistrut steel channel support system for fall protection applications.

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