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In addition to material sales, many of our clients take advantage of our paid design and engineering services for construction and OEM applications.  Although there is no shortage of talented design and engineering firms in most geographic markets, not every company works with the Unistrut framing system on a daily basis. At Unistrut Service Company, we do all of the engineering and design work for our own installations, and we can apply these skills to your projects too.

Don’t let the lack of design and engineering expertise stand between you and the finish line—request a proposal for design and engineering assistance by completing the form below. Here are some basics needed prior to discussing your project:

  • Anchor points–are we attaching Unistrut to walls, floors, roofs, or ceilings and what types of building materials and what types of materials? (e.g., concrete, brick, steel beams, standing seam metal, etc.)
  • Load Data–how much weight will the structure support?
  • Dimensional Data–what is the approximate size of the proposed structure?
  • Drawings–our engineers can also learn much about your project from your drawings. We understand that your drawings may be incomplete or subject to change, but in most cases, even a rough drawing will provide valuable clues that help our engineers help you.  Providing drawings is the most important step in the entire process.

Taking the time to thoroughly describe your intended application will expedite the process and yield a more accurate quote. Once your information and drawings are submitted using the form below, one of our team members will contact you to discuss your application.


UNISTRUT steel channel

Example of drawing and details available as part of our Design and Engineering service offering


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