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Combo Channel Nut Square Washer

Available in 1/4", 3/8" or 1/2" rod sizes, the Combination Channel Nut Square Washer helps eliminate excess on-the-job costs by reducing both installation time and materials.  The channel nut has an integrated square washer so that two parts are now one easy to manage product.  It installs in seconds - simply place the combo-nut into the open surface of any standard strut channel and rotate the square washer to lock the nut in place.  The combo-nut washer is perfect for making strut trapeze installations fast and easy, and when combined with threaded rod and a hex nut it provides a solid, secure connection


  •  Helps reduce overall installation time
  •  Sizes available in 1/4”-20, 3/8”-16, 1/2”-13
  • Combination design reduces the number of parts
  • Allows for easy adjustment when installed in channel
  • Provides quick attachment for threaded rod
  • Able to install using just one hand

Contact Us today Product Specifications
Part No. Thread Length Price Quantity
CNW30025EG- ¼-20 combo nut washer ¼-20
CNW30037EG- 3/8-16 combo nut washer 3/8-16
CNW40050EG- ½-13 combo nut washer ½-13
Tiered Pricing Available

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