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What Are Channel Nuts? Introducing the Unistrut P3008 - 3/8” Channel Nut

"Unistrut P3008 3/8" Channel NutUnistrut  Channel Nuts allow contractors to securely place a fitting, junction box, electrical panel, or pipe clamp in a precise location along the entire length of the channel.  One of the more commonly specified Unistrut Channel Nuts is the P3008 (3/8”).To use the P3008 channel nut, simply insert the channel nut into the trough of the channel, and twist the nut into position so that the grooves are aligned with the internal edges of the strut.  Threading and tightening a screw into the hole causes teeth located in the grooves to bite into the channel edge, positively locking the nut in place so it can’t slip.  Unistrut P3008 Channel Nuts are sold in boxes of 100 pieces.  To request a quote or place an order for Unistrut Channel Nuts contact us at 800-694-9274 or send us an e-mail."