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Cope© Cable Tray

Unistrut Service Company offers a complete line of Cope cable tray for electrical contractors. Cope raceway and cable support systems help ensure you have the right solutions for every electrical installation. We can help you choose the right cable tray management solution, whether it’s strength and efficiency, a special finish, or the right material for increased durability in corrosive environments, Unistrut Service Company can recommend a cable tray support system that is right for your specific application.

UNISTRUT steel channel

COPE Ladder Tray

Cost-effective solution for power, control, instrumentation cable, and other cable support. With swaged rungs that attain higher pullout loads than standard welds, the COPE Ladder Tray is the most rigid tray system in the industry. It resists stresses, camber, and warping, providing a strong, efficient system that lasts.

UNISTRUT steel channel

COPE Hat Tray

Economical flange-in welded cable ladder/trough system for electrical, telephone, computer control, and instrumentation cable. When space is at a premium, use the COPE Hat Tray. Its compact design (rungs are only 5/8″ high) minimizes required side rail height without sacrificing strength or load depths.

UNISTRUT steel channel

COPE Trof Tray

Ideal when working with flexible cables that need extra support or security. COPE Trof Tray provides the ultimate in cable support: 1″ of support every 2″ on center. Trof Tray’s design allows installers to enclose cables to prevent access by unauthorized personnel and eliminates inadvertent protrusions.

UNISTRUT steel channel


The easiest system to install in the field – only requires a limited use of tools. COPE Kwik Latch™ system makes connections a snap. And CAT-TRAY™ comes in a full range of sizes, made with high-strength welded steel wires to give you the strength and flexibility you need.

UNISTRUT steel channel

COPE Centipede® Center-Hung Tray Systems

Flexible, adjustable, and perfect for customized or specialized jobs. Centipede Tray’s infinitely adjustable individual rungs can be easily repositioned, added or removed for customized layouts, installations or load requirements. Rungs are swaged, for uncompromising, rigid support for any sort of cable.

UNISTRUT steel channel

COPE-GLAS Fiberglass Tray

Non-metallic tray and accessories created for use in corrosive and adverse environments for support of electrical power and control cables. Fiberglass installations add many years of reliable service in corrosive and adverse environments. Use in conjunction with Unistrut Fiberglass Framing System for wet and corrosive applications including refineries, chemical plants, pulps and paper facilities, aquariums, theme parks, cooling towers, and underground vaults.

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If your applications calls for a rigid structural system used to securely fasten or support cables and raceways, and you require access for periodic maintenance, a cable tray system is an ideal solution. To learn more about cable trays and their applications, or to receive a quote, contact the experts at Unistrut Service Company today!

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