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How to determine which S-5 clamp to use for your application…

We made a quick reference sheet for matching the different S-5! clamps to their appropiate Roof Seam. Listed below is each S-5! clamp along with what their respective letter stands for and their corresponding roof seam:


  • “Brass”
  • double-folded copper roofs'


  • “European”
  • S...
New and Improved S-5-N Clamps

S-5! recently introduced the new and improved S-5-N clamp. The new clamp ensures a superior fit for new and wider nail strip profiles as well as old ones. The new design features an innovative insert and angled setscrews to fit seam profiles of <.82".

The S-5-N clamp was designed for heavy duty a...

Making Connections with a Channel Socket

If you’ve ever tried to tighten a ½” bolt inside the trough of Unistrut channel, you’ve probably struggled with a hand wrench, or you tried grinding down the edges of your socket head to fit inside the strut.  We’ve recently introduced a new product called The Channel Socket that makes short work of...

DIY Tips: Painting Unistrut Perma-Green Channel

       Perma-Green Unistrut may leave our factory with that familiar, deep green appearance, but this doesn’t mean you can’t paint your channel in the field to achieve a custom color.  If you are a fan of Perma-Green’s superior protective finish, but need a different color for aesthetic reasons, thi...

Options to Consider Before Re-Using An Overhead Medical Support Structure

The inevitable equipment upgrades and remodeling projects common to hospital settings often prompt questions regarding the merits of repurposing an existing overhead support system versus a new installation. 

Installing your ColorGard® system for optimum snow retention

When determining where to place snow retention rows, the first thing you want to ask yourself is “how much snow do you really want to fall off the roof?” The Metal Construction Association has a document to help you answer these questions. “Metal Roof Design for Cold Climates” lays out important p...

Concrete Base Duct Supports


Unistrut Service Company's concrete base duct supports offer non-penetrating designs with rubber pads to prevent roof leaks. These systems are pre-engineered to comply with wind loading building code requirements. The systems are made with 12 g...

S-5!® Clamps Installation

S-5! Clamp Installation

We often get questions about how to install common S-5! clamps on to seam profiles of metal roofs. Whether you're using the Universal S-5-U, the versatile S-5-V or any other of these durable clamps, installation is quick and easy. 

Determine how to position the clamp and ...

Download Telespar Load Tables and Technical Data
Download Telespar Load Tables and Technical Data

One of the most useful but least well-known products found in the Unistrut Engineering Catalog--Telespar--is a versatile solution when it comes to time to construct racks, shelving, conveyor systems, adjustable platforms, and more. 

Telespar may not carry the same brand name recognition as Unistrut...

Unistrut Post Bases

When a customer asks about the best Unistrut fitting for a particular application, sometimes there is an obvious choice, but more often than not, there are multiple options.  Unistrut post bases are a good example.