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SafePro Roof Hatch Safety Rails

SafePro Roof Hatch Safety Rails are a patented 4-Sided Rail System with ergonomic hand grip side rails, two additional ladder rungs for safe egress and ingress to the roof. It has a self-closing gate with no pinch hinges, and is OSHA compliant. SafePro’s steel system is the strongest rail on the mar...

Introducing our new Guardrail Rental Program!
Telespar Square Tubing Design & Buying Guide

Our square telescoping material, also known as Telespar, is an ideal material choice for rack, shelving, platform, and conveyor applications, just to name a few.  We have just the post for you if you are contemplating a project requiring square metal tubing. 

 Stock Sizes
 Telespar comes in stock s...

Is Unistrut RoHS Compliant?

The Restriction of Hazardous Substances, also known as RoHS, restricts the use of certain hazardous materials found in electrical and electronic equipment.  This EU directive places allowable threshold limits on a number of substances, including lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybromi...

Rooftop Walkways, Work Platforms, and Crossover Platform Systems

Protect your roof … and keep your team safe

We understand the need to keep workers safe along with protecting the roof below them. This is why we offer Unistrut rooftop walkway systems, work platforms, and crossover systems.

Our rooftop systems:

  •        Provide a safe walkway for rooftop traffic
  • ...
Protect Your Team and Your Facility with S-5! Snow Retention Systems

S-5! snow retention systems allow businesses and home owners to protect their building and its occupants by reducing the chances of accidents and damage caused by falling snow and other related issues.

Learn about the variety of S-5! snow guard and snow retention systems available from Unistrut Ser...

Unistrut Channel Nuts

When contractors and engineers hear the name Unistrut, their minds usually go to our strong and versatile metal framing channel that has been used for a wide range of applications since the 1920s.

Channel is indeed the heart and soul of the Unistrut framing system, but the best channel in the world...

Connecting Threaded Rod to Unistrut Channel

This post is designed to offer tips to help you select the best connection method based on your application. Learn basic connection strategies and discover the various threaded rod sizes, lengths, and finishes available from Unistrut Service Company.

Thermal Diffusion Galvanized Base Plates Improve Corrosion Resistance

Other than price, what is the main difference between competing rooftop safety railing systems? Guardrail systems consist of safety yellow or galvanized yellow rails secured by weighted bases. In addition, all OSHA-compliant guardrail systems feature 42" top rails capable of withstanding 200 pounds ...

3 Strategies for Dealing With Rising Strut Costs

Forecast annual usage requirements

Purchasing material based on monthly, quarterly, or annual usage requirements secures fixed costs.

With strut and fittings prices rising monthly due to steel shortages, holding more material insulates your company from the volatility in the metals market.   The increased carrying costs associated with more inventory will be more than likely offset by fewer spot buys in today’s turbulent market.