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We Stay Late, So You Don’t Have To…

If you have upcoming bids or awarded jobs with project scopes that include medical support structures, roof walkways and platforms, or ceiling grids, we can help.

Making a Tire Storage Rack with Unistrut

At Unistrut Service Company we like to say, "if you can imagine it, you can probably build it with Unistrut."  One of the best parts of the versatility of our product is seeing how far the imagination takes our customers. For Tom B. in Albany NY, this means all the freedom to design his racing garage exactly how he likes.

Food Grade Sanitary Strut

Unistrut Service Company is extending our inventory to include Food Grade Sanitary Strut products. This line of sanitary strut is manufactured by Calbrite, the leading name in stainless steel conduit systems for harsh and corrosive environments. Calbrite provides the largest stainless steel conduit offering in the industry. These products are manufactured to the strict guidelines set forth by UL, CUL and NEMA. Our offerings of Food Grade Sanitary Strut include BriteRail and FlatRail Strut, as well as BriteRail Accessories.

Secure Rooftops with Access Ladder Guards

Left unguarded, your facility’s fixed ladders designed to provide safe rooftop access can put your organization at risk.  Preventing unauthorized rooftop access begins with the proper equipment and a plan.

Temporary Hospital Partition Wall Systems from Unistrut Service Company

At the height of the spring surge of COVID-19 cases, the Army Corps of Engineers hired a host of private contractors to construct emergency field hospitals.  Fortunately, only the temporary field hospital in New York City ever saw a significant patient caseload.  One could argue that the $600 millio...

Pre-Packaged Portable Guardrail Kits For Roof Applications

We have just added a new wrinkle to our approach by offering a series of kits that include everything you need to complete your project.  If you are a contractor that is asked to perform lots of work on roofs that do not offer fall protection, we have a LORGUARD™ portable guardrail contractor kit ...

Introducing LORGUARD — The Non-Penetrating, Freestanding Roof Safety Railing System
LORGATE™ – OSHA Compliant Loading Dock Safety Railing

**Like what you just saw and ready to take the next step toward loading dock safety and OSHA compliance?  Click here to receive pricing information or to order LORGATE™ online**

Portable Guardrail Base Plates: Why Weight Matters

Non-penetrating, free-standing, or portable guardrail is a common solution for roof fall protection applications because it is simple to install and easy to use.  Because most portable guardrail systems look the same–yellow, steel railing sections and weighted base plates—folks often assume the primary differentiating factor between competing systems is price.  Although price is always an important factor, the main differences between guardrail systems are where you might least expect—base plate design. Most guardrail manufacturers suggest that heavier base plates are safer and more secure, but heftier base designs are not always the best option.

Loading Dock Fall Protection

How far does a worker need to fall in order to sustain a serious, or even fatal injury?  And while we are at it, how far does a fork lift need to fall before disaster strikes?  The answers to both of these questions is “not as far as you might think.”  All too often folks make the mistake of thinking fall protection is only a roof issue.  Roof fall protection is an important safety consideration, but remember, the fall hazards present inside most industrial and commercial facilities are serious too.  Loading docks are prime examples.