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Installing your ColorGard® system for optimum snow retention

When determining where to place snow retention rows, the first thing you want to ask yourself is “how much snow do you really want to fall off the roof?” The Metal Construction Association has a document to help you answer these questions. “Metal Roof Design for Cold Climates” lays out important p...

Concrete Base Duct Supports


Unistrut Service Company's concrete base duct supports offer non-penetrating designs with rubber pads to prevent roof leaks. These systems are pre-engineered to comply with wind loading building code requirements. The systems are made with 12 g...

S-5!® Clamps Installation

S-5! Clamp Installation

We often get questions about how to install common S-5! clamps on to seam profiles of metal roofs. Whether you're using the Universal S-5-U, the versatile S-5-V or any other of these durable clamps, installation is quick and easy. 

Determine how to position the clamp and ...

Download Telespar Load Tables and Technical Data
Download Telespar Load Tables and Technical Data

One of the most useful but least well-known products found in the Unistrut Engineering Catalog--Telespar--is a versatile solution when it comes to time to construct racks, shelving, conveyor systems, adjustable platforms, and more. 

Telespar may not carry the same brand name recognition as Unistrut...

Unistrut Post Bases

When a customer asks about the best Unistrut fitting for a particular application, sometimes there is an obvious choice, but more often than not, there are multiple options.  Unistrut post bases are a good example.

Introducing Our Revolutionary New Product: The EZ Series Fixed Access Ladder

When most folks think of Unistrut Service Company, they think about our flagship products—the metal framing strut, fittings, and related hardware we’ve sold since 1940.  We are always on the lookout for complimentary products that may be of value to our customers, and we recently added fixed access ...

Top 6 Unistrut Hardware Items Needed to Finish Your Project

Unistrut metal framing channel offers infinite adjustability and solutions to a variety of projects, but it won’t help much it you can’t piece it together with the right parts. Unistrut fittings and hardware play a key role in connecting channel together, which is why the Unistrut Service Company carries a large inventory of Unistrut hardware to create vice-like connections between channel and fittings without the need for welding, drilling, or special tools.

3 Mounting Methods to Consider with a Snow Retention System

Commercially or residentially, metal roofs boast many positive features. They are very aesthetically pleasing and have the longest service life possible. However, there are some things you need to consider when thinking about your metal roof. If you live in snow country, then you are aware of the ri...

HVAC Duct Supports

If you are looking for a non-penetrating rooftop HVAC duct support solution, we have just the new product for you...

Closure Strips and End Caps

Unistrut Closure Strips and End Caps Are the Perfect Solution For Concealing Open Portions or Channel and Creating a Finished Visual Appearance.