Unistrut Roof Top Walkway Systems, Work Platforms,
and Crossover Platforms

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Roof top walkway systems, work platforms, and crossover platforms designed and installed by Unistrut Service Company offer a low-cost solution to rooftop damage caused by foot traffic and the installation of heavy equipment. On membrane, built-up, foam and coated roofs, Unistrut roof top walkway systems and roof top work platforms protect against puncture, abrasion and wear along with providing a safe, clearly defined, anti-skid walking surface.

On standing-seam metal roofs, workers of all sizes can walk safely on the anti-skid surface without causing seam distortion, "dishing", or harmful stress to the roofing panels. Each system is built with lightweight metal grating, and features special anchoring hardware requiring no roof penetration. Best of all, roof top walk way systems and work platforms from Unistrut are versatile and adapt to virtually any roofing system.

  • Unistrut Roof Top Walkway Systems and Work Platforms WILL....
  • Provide a safe walkway for rooftop traffic
  • Protect the roof from foot traffic
  • Resist weather in either galvanized steel or aluminum finish
  • Attach to all metal standing seam roofs, including metric sizes
  • Unistrut Roof Top Walkway Systems and Work Platforms WILL NOT...
  • Penetrate roof top surface (except on rib roofs)
  • Trap water or disappear in snow like rubber pads
  • Rot or disintegrate like wood or patio blocks

Roof Top Walkway Systems and Work Platforms That Work
Unistrut roof top walkway systems are available as factory assembled systems (for built-up, membrane and urethane foam systems only) or as assemble-on-site components. Our roof top walk way systems and work platforms are easy to assemble and install by one or two workers without the use of special tools, hoists, or cranes. As an added advantage, Unistrut Service Company's sister company, Diversified Fall Protection, has protected maintenance staff and contractors working from heights for over 30 years.

Our complete line on in-stock Unistrut materials and our expertise in fall protection is the perfect combination to keep your workers safe. Ready to provide your maintenance staff with safe roof top access that won't harm your membrane, foam, built-up, or metal standing seam roof? Contact us today to see how our in-house engineering staff can develop and install an OSHA approved roof top walkway system or work platform to meet your access and fall protection requirements.

Before-climbing from lower to upper levels on an exposed roof is unsafe and violates OSHA regulations.

After-a roof top walkway constructed using non-skid grating, with integrated stairs and handrail provides OSHA compliant, safe access to a raised section of roof.

Unistrut Rooftop Walkway allows safe access to several rooftop air conditioning units. Note that no penetrations were created during installation.

Handrails and Toeboards are all 100% OSHA compliant, and durable “perma green” finish will stand up to many years of weather.

We were contacted to design and install a rooftop walkway system that did NOT contact the roof in any way, but allowed the contractors that would service the three Rooftop Units (RTU’s) to be able to access all items of the walkway. We used P1001 and P1000 in hot dipped galvanized (HDG) finish for long service life.

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