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Request Quote—Material Sales and Engineered Applications

The first step to get your project on track is to send us a detailed note requesting a quote. For material sales, please provide a list of required part numbers and quantities, along with a city and state in the comments box so we can estimate freight costs. For a quote on an engineered application, you can expedite the quote process by providing as much relevant information as possible. Below are examples of information that will help our team provide accurate quotes for engineered applications:

Medical Equipment Supports:

  • Drawings from the equipment vendor and detailed scope of work
  • Loading information on lights and booms
  • Information on the building structure, such as bar joists, steel beams, concrete deck, etc. We also need information on the elevation, spacing and orientation of the structure

Structural Grids:

  • Ceiling plan showing the desired layout of the grid (e.g., 4′ x 4′, 6′ x 6′, etc.)
  • Elevation of the grid
  •  Information on the building structure, such as bar joists, steel beams, concrete deck, etc. We also need to know the elevation, spacing and orientation of the structure
  • Any loading requirements or special information relevant to the grids

Rooftop Walkways:

  • Roof plan showing dimensions of the desired system, including length and width.
  • Information on the roof (standing seam, flat roof, etc.) so that we can determine the proper base/attachment information as applicable


  • Basic dimensions, including height, width, and length.
  • Basic sketch or drawings detailing the application, including stair or ladder access requirements.
  • Pictures of the area where the structure will be installed.
  • Information on what we are attaching to (e.g., floor, building structure above). If attaching from building structure above, we will need information on elevation, orientation, etc.
  • Railing and finish requirements, if any.

Please use the attachment feature below to include any plans, drawings, or other information that will help our engineering staff prepare a precise quotation. Doing a thorough job describing your project or materials requirements will expedite the quotation process.


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