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UNISTRUT steel channel

Unistrut Ceiling Support Grids

UNISTRUT steel channel

Industrial, commercial and architectural construction markets have relied on the flexibility and versatility of Unistrut Metal Framing Structural Ceiling Support Grids for years. Ceiling support grids enable the conversion of otherwise unusable overhead space into flexible, valuable support space. Manufacturing tool support, catwalk support, ceiling support, lighting support, and HVAC support are just a few of the applications for Unistrut ceiling grids. The versatility of Unistrut ceiling grids allows attachments to be made anywhere along the channel opening without the time consuming fastening methods such as welding or drilling.

Made from your choice of three easy-to-assemble systems, Unistrut Metal Framing, Telestrut Telescoping Strut, and Telespar Telescoping Tubing, Unistrut ceiling support grids are easy to install. No welding, drilling, or special skills are required, and a wide range of available Unistrut fittings give you a choice of design options. The ease of installation and abundance of available fittings means significant savings in time and labor cost, as well as flexible design concepts that can easily adapt to changing needs.

UNISTRUT steel channel

When you need to suspend heavy tools and equipment, Telspar and Telestrut’s square shape and heavy-gauge material provide exceptional load-bearing capability and torsional stability. At the same time, clean square design and closely spaced holes make a strong interior design statement.

Decorative Ceiling Grids

In addition to providing structural support for electrical and mechanical systems, Unistrut ceiling grids can also serve as a decorative, design element, creating stunning ceiling site lines with a high-tech look and feel.

Applications for Unistrut Ceiling Support Grids

Ceiling support grids from Unistrut let you build support flexibility into any space. Their inherent adjustability saves time and money on new construction, and makes future change fast and easy. The right ceiling support grid from Unistrut offers important advantages, both functional and aesthetic, including:

  • Ceiling Support
  • Lighting Support
  • Electrical support, including raceways
  • Load support for HVAC components
  • Manufacturing tool support
  • Shelving Support
  • Forming decorative environmental elements
  • Creating ceiling site lines

Contact the Ceiling Grid Experts

Unistrut ceiling grids are designed specifically to the customer’s requirements and can be designed to accommodate existing obstructions or site conditions. If desired, additional services such as specially painted grids, seismic bracing, structural calculations or engineering seals can be provided. Whether your application requires Unistrut ceiling grid materials for a do-it-yourself installation, or you are looking for expert design, engineering assistance, and installation, Unistrut Service Company is here to help. Ready to learn more about Unistrut ceiling grids, or to get a quote? Contact us today!

UNISTRUT steel channel

Drops for this ceiling support grid are fabricated from threaded rod suspended from Unistrut framing channel, which is attached to the roof structure with Unistrut beam clamps.

UNISTRUT steel channel

This grid was a 4′ x 4′ grid that attached to the building concrete deck with Hilti KB-TZ anchors, and was constructed our of P1000t, P1028, P1031, P1036. Since the grid was exposed, the owner had requested a custom powdercoated color.

UNISTRUT steel channel

This Unistrut ceiling grid effectively supports a variety of overhead services, including both lighting and air-handling ductwork.

UNISTRUT steel channel

Unistrut ceiling grid for retail application.

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